Best of Show at the 2018
Summit Creative Awards (Boston, USA)

Client: Vitaly Brinkmann

Vitaly Brinkmann created a revolutionary program "Master of MLM", which helps to move more efficiently toward any goal.
Our task was to develop a product that would be able to absorb all the knowledge of the coach and suggest to everyone the way to the future success. A name, a design, a strategy - all had to have a common thread binding the expert knowledge of a person leading the project.

We decided to start positioning the entire company with the development of a clear image of Vitaly Brinkmann absorbing unit teaching resources of successful ideas. To get all that you desire, you must be able to adapt to circumstances and be flexible. Our design showed the bright and noticeable details, because being in the field of view of customers among many other proposals, we had to give the first impulse to get acquainted namely with our product.
Our strategy displayed the ideas of ​​the company founder: people notice not fanciful images, but bright features.

As a result, the style of the entire product was tightly linked to the personality of the coach and his life principles. In fact, we created a harmonious continuation of the person who was willing to share knowledge gained over the years, investing a part of himself.

Unfortunately, circumstances beyond our control do not allow us to continue cooperating with Vitaly Brinkmann. However, we are still proud of the scope of tasks performed and the final view of the project, even though it turned out to be volunteer one for us.


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