Best of Show at the 2018
Summit Creative Awards (Boston, USA)

Client: IMTOP

We often do not notice little things around us, which are unreplaceable, until we face their absence. “Imtop” company  is a direct importer of latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves, without which the daily work of specialists in various areas of employment would be simply impossible. Color marking for easy use, special gloves for dentists, cosmetologists and experts within food production, attention to every single detail shows the serious approach of the company to ensure the comfort and safety for its clients.

Our task was to develop the company's strategy, its design and promotional materials. We had to prove that these are not just another couples of gloves, whose name is remembered by nobody. It was important to highlight the fact that the assortment diversity allows to find the right items both for the special use and for a wide range of applications.
The solution was the combining the most important for the product attributes into a single concept. Choosing Imtop gloves, customers receive reliable protection and maximum comfort. Having developed the naming, a website, a strategy and a design as well as SMM with PR, we decided to pay a special attention to details and created a unique packaging on the market. Eye-catching and memorable style was complemented by the original name, which corresponds to the functional features of the product.

The main communication message “Our protection, your comfort” reflected the distribution of responsibilities: everything that had to be done by the client was to perform his or her job in a comfortable environment, the protection was provided with Imtop gloves.
It was hard to stop, so we have also developed a new stand for the customer and the online shop.

The result of our efforts was the collaboration for 3 years and fully implemented marketing plans for the company. During this time, as a result of Internet activities the sales increased by 47%, and we managed to launch 3 joint projects (Handyboo, KontactHandy, Bamboo) more.
Mutual trust allowed to our creative director Andrey Potapov to fully consult the “Imtop” company and now, thanks to him, we support 90% of all marketing activities of the company.


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