Best of Show at the 2018
Summit Creative Awards (Boston, USA)

Client: HANDYboo

Contact Handy company has developed a unique product - thin, seamless, knitted gloves made from natural bamboo fibers. The HANDYboo trade mark combined such gloves into a whole series, created for different spheres of use.
We’ve got the task to develop a naming, a corporate style and a product promotion strategy, which also involved the development of a website and further SMM. Everything got complicated due to a very simple feature – there are no direct competitors for this product.
The best solution was to create a market niche by disclosing all the properties and benefits of the product. Our website and banner ads displayed the same kindness and customer care, which are provided by a whole range of HANDYboo. We also demonstrated to consumers that the range of use of gloves is not limited to medicine, cosmetics as well as food industries. No one will refuse from the comfort protection - whether for work or hobby.
Even now, in several years if the co-operation and successful projects, we are fully proud of the results of HANDYboo. For two years we have managed to increase products sales from zero to 8,000 pairs a year!

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