Best of Show at the 2018
Summit Creative Awards (Boston, USA)

Client: Alex Yanovsky School

Alex Yanovsky’s School is a modern educational center with two main areas: business and personal growth. At the time of the start of the cooperation courses has been attended by more than 10,000 people from 70 countries, and the entire organization had at least 350 employees.

When Alex Yanovsky asked us for help, we did not realize what was needed more for such self-sufficient and successful school. However, after a more detailed study of the project, we identified key objectives: to create a strong image of a truly effective and successful brand and to emphasize the uniqueness of each area of ​​study at the school. This involved a complete restart of product presentations strategy to new customers, who, among others, were to become the owners of large and medium-sized businesses.

We decided to transfer all the basic rules of guru of business, Alex Yanovsky, onto the communication platform of the company. This man understood the laws of success, and none of his students will not avoid any progress in business and harmony in his/her personal life. We understood that students, who were able to pay for a course up to 60 000 $, would only trust to a person with a high status and a truly golden inner core. Namely this appreciation of authority of Alex Yanovsky became the correct way to create a shell of the elite private school, graduates of which could easily join the ranks of millionaires.
The work motivation on such a significant project pushed to get more, so we also processed all related materials –  from the logo and the corporate identity to the website and the design of offline rep offices.

However, two developments in the framework of this project make us feel proud most of all. Within the detailed video presenting the school we forwarded an ambitious statement: "The future has come." Facing it with unique insights of Alex Yanovsky means to hit the jackpot in your new life.

The second ambitious solution is developing and implementing of school ecosystem, which completely reinvents communication with customers. Keeping with the times, we launched the system not only for the website, but also for the gadgets running on different software.

As a result, we have got not just a successful case of creating modern business trainings. Dozens of joint projects implemented, thousands of new students and an annual turnover of millions is just a nice addition to the full integration of our company into the development of the offspring of Alex Yanovsky.
Here is just a fraction of impressions from our creative director, Andrew Potapov, how this project fascinates with its growth:


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