Best of Show at the 2018
Summit Creative Awards (Boston, USA)

Client: AY Closet

AY Сlothing – this is another great product within the line developed by the business coach, Alex Yanovsky. The brand specializes in selling clothes for successful businessmen.

Our task was to develop a design of the concept of the company as well as of the interior for a luxury clothing store.
We did not want to create another pathetic bubble which covers deception. Our solution was to state clearly to customers that business is a real battlefield. Here, your opponent is willing to cling to your slightest mistake and tore you to pieces. Therefore, for real fighter it is important to have the strong warrior armor that will help feel confident even in the most critical situation.

Alex Yanovsky teaches his clients to build up a strategy for a few steps forward, because this is the only way you can defeat even before the battle. Finding success armor, consumers demonstrate their attentiveness to all parts of their business style.

Interior design of the store involved all the discreet luxury that can be afforded only by the true connoisseurs living in the business elite. Monolithic marble emphasizes features possessed by strong people: internal rigidity and elegant appearance.

As a result, we have very harmoniously fitted the style of clothing brand into the overall concept of business products of Alex Yanovsky, having created a full range of services for every need.


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